What’s a $100 handshake?

Meaningfully rewarding others doesn’t have to be complicated. A while ago, I listened to a podcast called “The Leading Creative.” The author mentioned the importance of rewarding people in ways that actually matter to THEM; as an individual. He told a story about a sales manager who gave “$100 handshakes” to his sales team members for a job well done. Literally… he’d fold up a $100 bill into a small square and place it in the cup of his hand. As the manager shook the salesperson’s hand, the bill would be passed to the salesperson. Now, many sales people are money-minded. Getting a cool, crisp $100 bill might really resonate with them. But, is money equally motivating to everyone?

Rewarding others – How to know what’s meaningful?

Listen to what a person talks about, stories about how they spend their free time. Pay attention to what gets someone excited when they’re speaking. Then, find a creative way of rewarding others with that special “thing!” For example, if someone is always talking about golf, then paying for a round of golf for them might be a “hole in one!” If they’re always talking about coffee, a gift card to a local coffee shop might really “buzz” with them

What is my equivalent “$100 Handshake?”

It got me thinking about what my “$100 Handshake” would be… It quickly came to me: receiving a Disney gift card. My family goes to Disney 2-3 times per year, it’s “our thing.” We’re always talking about Disney trips (past and future) and things that we love about it.

One day, I agreed to be a guest speaker at a business networking meeting. Afterwards, the event coordinator thanked me for my great work and passed along a thank you note. Inside the note I found a Disney gift card enclosed! I was over the moon! The fact that someone had paid attention to my passions and knew how much this gift would mean to me touched my heart.

When rewarding others – small, personalized recognition really matters.

In today’s world, it seems that the details about a person can get overlooked. Take a moment to listen – people will clue you in to what they find meaningful. Successfully rewarding others just takes paying attention and finding a way to personalize the reward. It’s so easy to do, and its impact is longer-lasting than you may realize.

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