Since 2013, LHR has been providing Human Resources strategies that allow businesses to:

    • Be responsive and resilient to change

    • Attract and retain employees that truly suit business objectives

    • Enhance professionalism

    • Develop a focus on workplace excellence

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  • AMAZING is one of many words to describe Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC. I have utilized services personally for professional development but also in the workplace. Kathleen conducted a series for... read more

    Sara Worstell Avatar Sara Worstell

    I own and operate a small professional organizing business in Baltimore, MD. I was referred to Kathleen Lapekas with Lapekas HR Consulting by two other colleagues in my industry... read more

    Amy Rehkemper Avatar Amy Rehkemper

    Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC, provides exceptional customer service to our public library. We've received consultation on personnel issues including policy writing, best practices and compliance with current labor laws.

    Emily Bunyan Avatar Emily Bunyan

    Since 2022, Kathleen has been conducting virtual instructor-led training (VILT) for our company focusing on developing our managers. Our company has many different locations across the USA and majority of... read more

    Jen Pelletier Avatar Jen Pelletier

    I’m incredibly pleased to leave a 5 star rating for Kathleen. It had been many years since I had updated my resume and cover letter. I honestly didn’t know where... read more

    Ami Lloyd Avatar Ami Lloyd

    I have attend several trainings with Lapekas HR Consulting that my company has offered, and truly enjoyed all of them. I would highly recommend this to anyone in interested in... read more

    Isaac Gibbs Avatar Isaac Gibbs

    I have known Kathleen for several years now through different settings. First, I attended a seminar she conducted at USI for HR Management. She is so knowledgable and... read more

    Jessica Adler Avatar Jessica Adler

    We have engaged Lapekas HR Consulting on several occasions and have always been very pleased with our experience. Kathleen brings real world experience and does a great job connecting... read more

    glenmuehlbauer Avatar glenmuehlbauer
  • Our company recently relied on Kathleen’s HR expertise to hire not one, but two new team members and we could not be happier with the process and results. Kathleen helped... read more

    Misti Alvarez Cohen Avatar Misti Alvarez Cohen

    Kathleen is the best! Fast response, very knowledgeable and super easy to work with.

    Abby Jewell Avatar Abby Jewell

    Kathleen is very professional and thorough in her work! She did a great job for our company!

    James Russell Avatar James Russell

    Great communication skills! Glad to have been introduced to Kathleen and appreciate her insights and attitude. Especially important for small businesses without their own HR resources.

    Jan Meeks Avatar Jan Meeks

    Kathleen did a series of management trainings for our organization. They were informative and interactive - just what we needed. I highly recommend Kathleen as an HR consultant.

    Kathy Hambidge Avatar Kathy Hambidge

    Kathleen was great to work with. She helped us update the handbook for our business and I could not be happier. Courteous, responsive, and professional. Would recommend her for all... read more

    Thomas Mathias Avatar Thomas Mathias

    Kathleen has always been a pleasure to work with. I have reached out to her for various HR questions over the past couple of years and she has always... read more

    Alicia Egi Avatar Alicia Egi

    I work with Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC through my work. Kathleen is awesome. She is professional and caring, takes time to listen to our concerns and evaluates each situation. I... read more

    Rebekah Morrow Avatar Rebekah Morrow
  • I initially hired Katherine to create my employee handbook. She made the process very easy and painless. Since then I have booked several hours of consulting, which have proven to... read more

    Allison Perkins Flinn Avatar Allison Perkins Flinn

    As a small business owner, having an experienced HR Consulting firm as a partner is critical! Kathleen is highly knowledgeable and responsive. Her expertise assisted me in making strategic decisions... read more

    Andrea Grace Phillips Avatar Andrea Grace Phillips

    Kathleen did an outstanding job with our updated employee handbooks. She is up to date on the ever-changing employment criteria and does a great job conducting meetings and answering questions.

    Charles Self Avatar Charles Self

    Kathleen has been wonderful to work with as our HR consultant. She is very knowledgeable and professional! We highly recommend Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC.

    Tamara James Avatar Tamara James

    We enjoy working with Kathleen Lapekas. She is professional and thoughtful in her guidance. She is also very responsive when we have a need. I highly recommend... read more

    Janet Hortin Avatar Janet Hortin

    Kathleen provides team training for our non-profit organization. Her trainings are very engaging and provide helpful resources and tips for excellence. I along with our Deputy Director are responsible... read more

    Stephanie Terry Avatar Stephanie Terry

    You need more than 5 stars! Kathleen is amazing! My resumes now has a clean professional appearance. I was blown away! I have attended several events where she has been... read more

    Katrinka Rynder Avatar Katrinka Rynder

    Kathleen does an excellent job from finding employees to orchestrating you HR programs and everything in between. I have had people rave about here resume assistance as well as... read more

    Greg Fuesler Avatar Greg Fuesler
  • I had the privilege of having Kathleen as an Instructor for a Leadership Course offered through my employer, she made sure it was a great experience and that the class... read more

    Michael NORTHINGTON Avatar Michael NORTHINGTON

    Kathleen is an absolute joy to work with. She recently provided leadership training for us and was professional, engaging, and provided practical resources that we can implement immediately. Her... read more

    Amber Schiff Avatar Amber Schiff

    I recently started a position at a small mold manufacturing company. The company did not have an internal HR expert and had seen some significant growth over the years.... read more

    David Bacon Avatar David Bacon

    Kathleen Lapekas is by far an exceptional individual that brings a vast range of talents to any business & organization. Lapekas strategic & critical thinking enhances not only the... read more

    Holly Bittner Avatar Holly Bittner

    Kathleen conducted Employee Pulse surveys for us, where she engaged in one-on-one interviews with each of our employees over a span of a few days. Following the interviews, she quickly... read more

    Anna Jordan Avatar Anna Jordan

    Kathleen is very knowledgeable and has significant HrR experience. She is a very valuable member of our team. If you are looking to significantly improve you HR team... read more

    Larry Beard Avatar Larry Beard

    Great experience with this company! She was able to assist me with find qualified employees in this difficult environment. We are a small business and this one task I'm... read more

    Stephen Rager Avatar Stephen Rager

    Kathleen is a pleasure to work with. She recently conducted training for us and was professional, engaging, and provided practical resources for our employees. The most rewarding part was hearing... read more

    Jennifer Zimmer Avatar Jennifer Zimmer
  • I have had the privilege of working with Kathleen on multiple projects over the past few years. First in the healthcare field, and second at a parochial, academic institution. The... read more

    Josh Reising Avatar Josh Reising

    My company has used Lapekas HR Consulting for everything for finding new personnel to writing our employee manual. Whenever I need a trustworthy professional HR consultant I call Kathleen Lapekas.

    Mike Shackelford Avatar Mike Shackelford

    Kathleen is very knowledgeable and has significant HrR experience. She is a very valuable member of our team. If you are looking to significantly improve you HR team... read more

    Larry Beard Avatar Larry Beard

    I’ve worked with Kathleen multiple times and had nothing but a positive experience! She is a treasure of information. As a medical professional, I was not trained in... read more

    Allyson Bigham Avatar Allyson Bigham

    Great job helping our companies put together an employee handbook. Very knowledgeable and professional. Easy to work with.

    Mark Haywood Avatar Mark Haywood

    Kathleen is a pleasure to work with. She reviewed our 50-page policy manual and helped us ensure we were compliant in all topics - from modifying what we already had,... read more

    Anna Jordan Avatar Anna Jordan

    Transitioning our internal HR responsibilities to Lapekas HR Consulting, LLC has been one of the best business decisions we have ever made on behalf of our business and our employees.... read more

    Kelly Parrish Avatar Kelly Parrish

    Kathleen is very knowledgeable on all things HR. She is a very engaging and fun presenter. She presents the topics in ways for everyone to understand. I... read more

    Jennifer Skodinski Avatar Jennifer Skodinski