Does my business need a Human Resources Audit? An HR Audit is a way to give your company a report card and create a plan to improve in the areas you may be lacking.

There are many different types of audits that seek to find specific types of information. The results are based on the approach being taken. That being said, there are 2 basic types of HR Audits:

1. Legal and Compliance focused audits (Risk Mitigation) – These are designed to keep your business out of trouble should a legal issue arise

2. Audits that focus on improving processes and procedures within your company (Value Creation) – These are designed to increase HR efficiency and alignment

Our Clients Say:

Kathleen Lapekas is great to work with and is recommended without hesitation. From the initial HR audit she performed to helping us improve our policies and procedures to providing guidance from time to time, she provides sound and knowledgeable advice and recommendations. As a nonprofit, she has enabled us to exponentially improve our HR practices. Thanks Kathleen!

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Risk Mitigation

Human Resources covers a vast array of issues and topics. It’s also one of the most important and legally regulated functions of any company. The legalities impacting your business change frequently, often with little notice. Having every required document, tax configuration and legal compliance form up to date is absolutely critical. An audit is an organized way to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved and creates a plan to maintain it.

Value Creation

When a company conducts a Value Creation Audit, the focus is on improving the effectiveness of Human Resources processes and procedures. It brings HR strategies in line with a business’s goals.

An audit will result in findings that are unique to an individual organization.The quality of the audit will determine how useful the findings are to your business.


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