A well written handbook acts as a guideline for your employees, much the way guidelines on the highway do. It helps your employees navigate their position within the company and allows them to feel comfortable knowing the standards and expectations; especially when going through change.

Your Company Handbook should effectively and consistently explain your general policies, procedures, conflict resolution processes, all benefits you offer and how the company handles compliance with laws and regulations.  

For example (Not an exhaustive list):

Americans With Disabilities

Attendance Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Code of Conduct

Discipline Policy



Harassment Policy

Paid Time Off / Vacation Policy

Payroll Practices / Overtime

Remote Work Policy

Social Media Policy


Our clients say:

“Kathleen has been a great resource for our organization. She helped us to grow our HR policies and implement an improved employee handbook that contained topics that we would have never thought to include.”

Tri State Community Clinics LLC.

Once you’ve written your handbook and distributed it throughout your company, every employee should sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

As your business grows and changes, your handbook should too. It should be kept up to date by adding any new policies and procedures as well as any changes that occur to existing practices. Employees should be given a new manual and sign off on having received the updated version.

We can help you craft a Company Handbook that conveys your message and helps protect you from potential legal compliance issues.   

Let LHR help you craft a Company Handbook that works for your company.