Your company spends a lot of time and effort recruiting, hiring and training the right person. Losing an existing employee not only disrupts the rest of the team but has a direct impact on your financial bottom line. Suffice it to say; when your employees are a good fit, keeping them can make all the difference in your ability to succeed.

There is a long list of reasons why employees leave a company. Many issues are unavoidable such as needing to care for a family member or moving to another city, etc. We have found it’s more valuable to understand why your employees want to stay.

LHR will help you discover what makes your work environment tick. We’ll develop/implement a plan to keep your employees engaged and feeling good about where they work.

Our Clients Say:

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for several months when she came onboard to assist us with our recruitment efforts. Kathleen is incredibly knowledgeable and taught me a great deal about recruiting, but also so much more! It was such an honor to get to know her and learn from her. I would highly recommend her services to anyone considering help in the HR arena.”

Stephanie Fuqua